Founded in 2018, 4D by Silverbullet Group is a next generation contextual outcomes engine evolving proven methodologies to drive in-the-moment marketing and brand suitability for digital media buying. Now, it’s also the easiest way to make sure that your programmatic ads don’t appear on high risk publishers we’ve flagged!

While we make it super easy for you to take the lists you make on our platform anywhere, you can’t beat the convenience of having targeting as a push-button option at the point of purchasing a campaign! We’ve worked with the 4D team to develop custom targeting and blocking data-feeds based on sourced traffic signals, site rank, user experience, and more!

DeepSee was born out of frustration with the idea that there are certain types of ad-fraud that the industry knows about, but we just accept that they can’t be captured with tracking tags. There are many types of exploits that take advantage of real humans to generate ad revenue, and they tend to create bad experiences for the user, like: browser slowing/locking, being forcibly navigated away from their intended content, getting install requests from malware, and much more.

Traffic manipulation schemes are not something that can be easily detected with impression or click trackers; you have to visit the worst, most exploitative sites on the web in order to better understand opaque traffic marketplaces & traffic sourcing fraud. This approach also allows us to determine a lot of unique signals about the quality of the user experience of websites, and at a scale that nobody else can provide.

4D immediately understood the extent of the problem we were trying to solve, and the value that this type of analysis could provide. Their choice to offer our data as a dimension on their platform speaks to their ability to look forward at the changing digital media landscape, and recognize the gaps that will be left by the deprecation of third party cookies. We both take a future-proof approach, grounded in what can be ethically known about the media that brands will be associated with.

“Our partnership with Deepsee signifies a huge step towards building an ecosystem that helps customers be at the forefront of innovation in the adtech landscape. DeepSee is addressing domain quality problems that have consistently slipped through the cracks of the programmatic ecosystem, and now through the 4D Dimension Marketplace, customers can build contexts using DeepSee signals that enable smarter targeting and better brand suitability coverage.”- Marco Godina SVP Product

With DeepSee and 4D, we can cut funding from sites that provide terrible experiences, and support the quality publishers who really need the ad spend. When buyers consider the user experience, advertisers get peace of mind, and great publishers continue to produce great content!

Take a look at this video which shows how you can add protection from DeepSee to your campaign:

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