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The advertising landscape is changing, user tracking gets harder every year which means existing solutions are becoming less effective. Advertisers are moving toward working with publishers that provide a great and brand safe experience. The current pixel based tracking solutions are finding it harder and harder to make quality guarantees, it's time for a new approach.

Before & during any campaign's flight, you should be checking your domain list against DeepSee's risk scores. Make a brand new site list by filtering on our risk metrics and detected categories. DeepSee's advanced search makes it easy to fetch lists of domains which meet your specific needs & risk tolerance.

Impression tracking should be treated as trustless information, difficult to verify what is detected (can be spoofed). Our system interacts with pages as a regular user would, capturing entire journeys and bringing all the discrepancies in data to the forefront, something a pixel at the tail end of a journey couldn't do.

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Chief Executive Officer
Antonio Torres
Director of Technology
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Creative Director
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Full Stack Engineer
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Devops Engineer
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Marketing Coordinator
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Proactive Fraud Detection

Current detection methods have technical limitations that are easy to overcome.

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