Risk Ratings

We test every publisher out there for fraudulent behavior, non-compliance, suspicious traffic patterns, and brand unsafe content in ways not currently done by any other company. Our data is available at all major DSPs worldwide for an effortless integration with your
existing campaigns.

Supply Chain
Data API

Integrate DeepSee into any workflow using our API and bulk data transfer services. Plug into our daily and historic risk ratings, compliance information like ad refresh rates and cpm information, robust traffic flow logs that go beyond simple backlinks, publisher content categories, advertising supply chain data like ads.txt, sellers.json, buyers.json, and more.


Sites in the Alexa top 1k
receiving traffic by pop-up

During second half of 2019

Impression trackers could only see this laundering if trackers were present on every page of the internet, including on malicious sites. Combining deep learning with domain expertise, we intelligently interrogate sites that produce exploitative behaviors.



Dig deep into every publisher. Bring your existing targeting and block lists or generate dynamic lists based on your risk tolerance and targeting criteria. Our dynamic lists update daily to remove publishers that start to drop in quality. Take your augmented lists to platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Audience Network, and more.

Proactive Fraud Detection

Current detection methods have technical limitations that are easy to overcome.

Discovering a new
era of fraud.

Fraud evolves along with technology
and we're always on the hunt for
emerging threats.

Ensure your ads are
funding publishers that
provide great experiences.

High risk publishers detected
Levels of redirectors
Domains that are suspicious