We test every publisher out there for fraudulent behavior, non-compliance, suspicious traffic patterns, and brand unsafe content in ways not currently done by any other company.
Impression level trackers are unable to see where users viewing their creative came from. We connect complex traffic patterns to unveil fraud that would otherwie go undetected.
We visit and audit sites in the same exact way a regular user would. We do this millions of times a day and aggregate hundreds of signals to create an empirical datasaet.
Avoid the overhead of dealing with refunds when you protect yourself with DeepSee. We track millions of sites 24/7 so we can warn you of fraud before it happens.
The advertising landscape is changing and user level tracking is decreasing rapidly. We get advertisers results without the need for collecting any personal information.
the darker
side of the web.
Web advertising is plagued by staggering amounts of traffic laundering that generates ad impressions that go undetected at a massive scale. Billions of dollars are lost to sophisticated operations. We are here to change that.
Digging into
where tracking
pixels can’t go.
Current fraud detection systems rely on impression level data and a lot of personally identifying information. Both of these data sources are limited, and becoming more limited as the regulatory landscape changes. We are the missing piece of a complete fraud mitigation strategy.
Proactive Ad
Fraud Detection
Current detection methods have
technical limitations that are easy to overcome.
Discovering a
new era of fraud.
Fraud evolves along with technology and we 're always on the hunt for emerging threats.
Ensure your ads are funding publishers that provide great experiences.