Create effective
Proactively identify and avoid high risk publishers at scale.
Fraud Protection
Avoid the overhead of dealing with refunds when you protect yourself with DeepSee. We track millions of sites 24/7 so we can warn you of fraud before it happens.
Risk Scoring
We see relationships which creative or page level trackers can’t. We leverage that data to reveal networks of traffic laundering, and to give you a notion of risk for each domain. Download lists by industry and risk tolerance and integrate them into any system.
Threat Detection
As the web continually expands and changes, so do ad fraud scemes. We analyze and model massive amounts of behaivioral data to always be one step ahead of the next scheme.
The future of DeepSee is shaped by the ever
changing landscape of fraud in the digital age.
Desktop and Mobile-Web fraud is far from solved. Our first offering fills in key knowledge gaps that allow web fraud to slip through the cracks.
Mobile Apps
Creating illegitimate mobile app events has never been more lucrative. Fakers will have nowhere to hide once we apply our testing framework to mobile apps.
OTT Devices
As linear TV spend shifts towards smart TVs and OTT devices, so too will fraudsters' efforts. Many assume that this is a fraud-free environment; nothing could be further from the truth.
IOT & Beyond
The advertising landscape evolves rapidly. We'll be keeping tabs on bad actors as they move to new platforms.
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Proactive Ad Fraud Detection
Current detection methods have technical limitations that are easy to overcome.
Traffic laundering, identity spoofing, hidden impressions, and more.
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