Announces Their New Portal

In response to the evolving landscape of digital advertising and the latest challenges in the industry, we’re announcing the launch of version two of our platform. This update brings an enhanced dataset, aimed at providing you with the tools to make informed decisions in your ad-ops workflows. We want to equip you with the data about where your ad campaigns are being seen, offering deeper insights into publisher reliability and user experience.

What’s New in DeepSee v2.0:

  • Streamlined Dashboard Interface: The updated dashboard and interface in version two improves user experience with its easy navigation and clear presentation of key metrics for each domain. The simple search bar and list features mean domain data for your campaign has never been easier to find. Announces Their New Portal

  • Clear Ratings and Data: Instead of ‘black-box’ ratings for risk and domain quality, version 2 of the platform makes the data that compiles these ratings easily accessible and viewable in the Compliance tab. Users no longer need to rely on an unclear metric, DeepSee version 2 empowers our clients to make their own decisions, revealing exactly why a publisher is cited as high or low risk and quality. Announces Their New Portal

  • A focus on user experience: A strong user experience on the sites ads are displayed on leads to improved outcomes and positive brand awareness. Being able to understand where your ads are being seen allows you to make informed decisions about the kinds of publishers you want to work with. Announces Their New Portal


Our CEO and Founder, Rocky Moss, has the following to say about our new platform, “With the release of DeepSee 2.0, we aim to provide our clients with a more robust and insightful tool for tackling publisher quality and risk in the digital advertising space. It’s about giving the industry the means to better protect their brand and improve the user experience. ”

Transparent and Flexible Pricing:

Our new pricing model is designed to be transparent and flexible, accommodating the diverse needs of our clients. With accessible plans starting from $475 per month, the platform offers various packages tailored to different requirements.

Feedback from our Beta:

“In tackling the challenges of a post-cookie advertising world, our collaboration with has been instrumental. They equip us with comprehensive site intelligence and actionable data, enabling the curation of premium programmatic inventory strategies that focus on quality, high-impact and user-respectful experiences. This approach not only enhances our ad placements but also steers us clear of low-value ‘made for advertising’ sites, positioning as a foundational programmatic data partner every sophisticated media buyer needs to have.” David Nyurenberg – Rain for Growth Announces Their New Portal

Antonio Torres, our CTO, adds, “When developing our new platform, we focused on innovation but also on making our platform more intuitive and user-friendly. Our goal is to democratize access to publisher data, making it useful and accessible for all advertisers.”

About is dedicated to improving the digital advertising ecosystem through providing detailed publisher risk and quality data. By focusing on innovation and client needs, we’re helping advertisers navigate the complexities of digital marketing with greater confidence and effectiveness.

For more details on our new portal, including our 7-day free trial for new users, book a demo here.