Publisher Intelligence

API Available

Publisher Risk Ratings

Returns current risk factors associated with a supplied publisher domain, including an overall high-low risk score.

API Available

Historic Publisher Risk Rating

Allows you to contextualize a site's current risk by examining how its behavior has changed over the past 30, 60, or 90 days

API Available

Publisher Content Category

We have 35 content categories. Create vertical-specific domain lists, and rule out Adult, Gambling, and Drug related content instantly.

API Available

Detailed Traffic Flow Information

Get a deep understanding of traffic sources. See what ad networks your competitor uses, or better understand who refers users to your own site

Coming Soon

CTV Channel Insights

We have unique insights on any CTV channel, like: time to first ad break, ads per-break, ad networks contacted, and much more.

IAB Transparency
Datasets Information

API Available


Web publishers publicly declare who is authorized to sell space on their site in an ads.txt file. We track millions of publishers to maintain a highly fresh dataset.

API Available


The mobile version of ads.txt. We connect the dots between developers and individual apps available in the Android & Apple marketplaces. Vastly simplifying the processes of determining if a seller is authorized to sell space on a given app.

API Available

Sellers.json for Platforms

Supply platforms host a sellers.json file which lists their member publishers / allowed intermediaries. This info allows buyers to ensure that each opportunity they are offered comes from a reputable source.

Coming Soon


Transparency set allowing intermediaries to publicly declare the buyers that they represent. Publishers and SSPs can more easily identify the sources of malvertising attacks and remove problematic buyers faster.

Coming Soon

SupplyChain Object Validation API

Submit a SupplyChain object in JSON or serialized text format, and instantly learn if the opportunity is valid based on matching the information to our ads.txt and sellers.json databases.

Powerful Insights,
Simple Delivery

Enrich your system in real time with always up-to-date
risk and transparency datasets.

Bulk Data

We prepare and deliver any custom data feed to your
cloud storage service at the schedule of your choice.

Ensure your ads are
funding publishers that
provide great experiences.

High risk publishers detected
Levels of redirectors
Domains that are suspicious