More Clawbacks,
Less Work.

Fraudulent and low quality sites are dragging down your campaign performance. We catch fraud that impression trackers will never see, and fight to get your money back.

Get an audit of your campaign and squeeze more out of your marketing budget, all without adding a single line of code anywhere.

No PII 🕵️‍♀️, no code 🤓, no headaches 🤕, just lift ✨

Reach out and let us help you get started

    💵 No cost 🤓 No code 🍪 No Identifiers
    We know spend waste is a problem. Let's solve it.
    Avg video campaign budget saved from made-for-advertising sites marked clean by competitors.
    Improvement in overall campaign CTR. More conversions from better leads.
    Websites analyzed monthly for quality and risk signals.
    High quality sites available to target. Scale is no issue with us.
    It's about

    We audit every website on the internet, we use this data to spot poor performance in ways that nobody else can. We measure the user experience and discover emerging patterns of fraud, making media planning much simpler and reliable for marketers.

    More lift in 3 simple steps

    Step 1
    Tell us your
    campaign goals
    Every campaign is different, we like to understand what you've tried before and what your goals are. We'll work our recommendations into your existing campaign workflow with minimal fuss.
    Step 2
    Send us a delivery
    In order to establish a benchmark, we like to see how your previous campaigns have performed. We will combine that information with our vast publisher risk database and optimize for your KPIs.
    Step 3
    Get your audit
    We'll identify new opportunities and
    use them to replace all of the underperforming and high risk
    publishers that are eating up your campaign budget.

    Proactive Protection,
    At The Scale Modern
    Marketers Require

    The scale of modern advertising systems is massive, and it is practically impossible to inspect every domain and middleman involved in a large campaign. This can result in significant ad spend waste and undesired placements. Despite the challenges, advertisers & ad-sellers alike spend countless hours ensuring the web properties associated with their brands are high quality. We can put that process in overdrive.

    Gain Visibility And
    Insights Previously Not

    DeepSee proactively identifies publishers who will game your IVT detection measures in order to sell more low-quality inventory. We identify traffic-sourcing & ad-fraud schemes that you can only know about from direct observation. By adding this extra layer of verification to the ecosystem, we're closing dangerous loopholes that fraudsters have exploited for years.

    Take Control
    Our goal is to give advertisers control over how and where their brand is presented to customers. Get better control at higher scale with less work.

    Get an idea of what an audit looks like

    In this example campaign, projections showed that DeepSee could help deliver a ~50% improvement in conversion rate when domains below ~40 risk and above are removed from buys.

    When you work with us and we discover you’ve bought inventory which should’ve been flagged as IVT, we’ll help you reach the appropriate contact, and provide plenty of evidence to support your refund claim.

    We’ll also provide an analysis of which domain quality labels impact your performance individually

    There are millions of domains that probably merit blocking, but who has space for all of those when setting up a campaign, and which ones are actually likely to affect your performance? Tools like DV360 don’t allow for massive block lists, but we can help you in creating a list which meets your size limits, and eliminates as much risk as possible.

    With no risk to you and no complex setup

    We can help identify a targeting strategy that puts your money to work better