Be proactive instead of reactive.
You spend less time & energy chasing or issuing refunds when you protect yourself with DeepSee. By intelligently harvesting data from the worst sites on the web, we can warn you of sophisticated fraud in its infancy; before it affects you.
Make airtight site lists.
Before & during any campaign's flight, you should be checking your domain list against DeepSee's risk scores. Make a brand new site list by filtering on our risk metrics and detected categories. DeepSee's advanced search makes it easy to fetch lists of domains which meet your specific needs & risk tolerance.
How are we different?
DeepSee looks at the nature of websites and rings of websites to discover places that harbor fraud. Where on-page trackers capture a point in time, DeepSee captures the journey, end-to-end, that a user might take.
Sites in the Alexa top 1k receiving traffic by pop-up
During second half of 2019
Impression trackers could only see this laundering if trackers were present on every page of the internet, including on malicious sites. Combining deep learning with domain expertise, we intelligently interrogate sites that produce exploitative behaviors. Using the data we acquire through this process, we help web analysts get the complete picture website interactions and behaviors.
A glimpse at our capabilities.
Traffic Flow
Fully understand how users get from one place to another on the web, even if that's by pop-up or malicious redirects.
Comprehensive Risk Scoring
An easy to digest 0-100 score which reflects the risk of associating with any given domain. Upload your own list of domains, and get risk information for each with just 1 click.
Script and Cookie Search
Whatever your needs, you can always locate the scripts or cookies which are relevant to your business
Create Targeting Lists
You can create site lists on the fly based on: your risk tolerance, category, rank, or even the relationships that one domain has to another.
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