Dig deep into our technology.
DeepSee was created because there are fundamental barriers to the technologies currently used to mitigate ad-fraud. We are ad-fraud researchers with agency backgrounds; now we're building the tools we wish had existed during that time.
What is the problem?
Find out how fraudulent traffic is affecting you.

Impression tracking technology can only get a surface level understanding of the traffic with a very poor understanding of the context in which the user arrived at the site.

Impression tracking should be treated as trustless information, difficult to verify what is detected (can be spoofed). Our system interacts with pages as a regular user would, capturing entire journeys and bringing all the discrepancies in data to the forefront, something a pixel at the tail end of a journey couldn't do.

Tracking tech (often referred to as "pixels", or "impression pixels") only give a limited understanding of how users arrive on a page.

They only have the ability to detect the URL of the container they are loaded in, or the site directly above them in the site tree (in the very best cases where a container is "broken out of" using javascript).

Those trackers can not account for cases where: sites are loaded as pop-ups from unsavory sources, a page is embedded deep within a less than reputable site, or internal referrals are used to make site traffic appear as direct instead of linked. Ad impression tracking is by far the most popular method used to ensure money is not wasted.

How are we different?
By stepping away from real-time pixel detection, we have created a "ground truth" data-set which perfectly augments the efforts of anyone seeking to understand how traffic flows on the web.
The Future Is Bright
We keep looking forward.
We employ sophisticated models based on our robust historical data, and machine learning, to always be where the next scheme is about to unfold. By targeting sites which have known suspicious characteristics, we can reveal the previously undocumented pop-up and referral behaviors which plague advertisers & leech spend from the ecosystem.
A glimpse at our capabilities.
Traffic Flow
Fully understand how users get from one place to another on the web, even if that's by pop-up or malicious redirects.
Comprehensive Risk Scoring
An easy to digest 0-100 score which reflects the risk of associating with any given domain. Upload your own list of domains, and get risk information for each with just 1 click.
Script and Cookie Search
Whatever your needs, you can always locate the scripts or cookies which are relevant to your business
Create Targeting Lists
You can create site lists on the fly based on: your risk tolerance, category, rank, or even the relationships that one domain has to another.
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